Nonprofits sometimes face challenges supporting their Salesforce® Org. Even though the first ten licenses are free, nonprofits often cannot afford to hire a qualified Salesforce® System Admin to fully leverage all that Salesforce® can do for them. This support model provides nonprofits with qualified, certified, and consistent System Admin support.


Salesforce® support plans are expensive, and do not provide one key element – having the same consultant support your Org, so that over time, they learn your Org and your nonprofit business particulars. Our support plan will assign you a consultant that will consistently be your primary support. They will learn your Org, your nonprofit business particulars, and build a relationship with you.


Any user training is part of the support plan. Your monthly hours can be used however you wish.


We will use email-to-Case to engage your assigned consultant. A simple email is sent to a unique email address, and our nonprofit customer will get an email acknowledgement, the case number, and the assigned consultant will be engaged. Unused monthly hours do not roll over.

Plan Descriptions

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