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Salesforce is the Premier Customer Relationship Management Tool on the market..

Wycado Consulting is the leader in providing Support, Administration, Installation, Training and Integration for businesses who want to use Saleforce.com to catapult their business forward!

The best choice - Salesforce® solutions

  • Easy to Use - No software, no install, no hassle. You can log in from anywhere, view and update customer and sales data - anytime you want.
  • Easy to Set Up - Import your existing data from Gmail, Outlook, spreadsheets, or other data formats. Salesforce makes it easy.
  • Click to Customize - It’s that easy! If you can click a mouse, you can change workflows, add fields, and create sales processes. The result? Higher productivity and automation like you’ve never had before.
  • No software hassles - What if you never had to buy, install, or upgrade software again? With cloud-based applications, upgrades are automatic, so you always have the latest version. And better yet, all your customizations stay intact through every upgrade.
  • World-Class Security - All customer data is protected with physical security, data encryption, user authentication, application security, and more. Using the latest firewall protection, intrusion detection systems, and proprietary security products, salesforce gives you the peace of mind that only a world-class security infrastructure can provide.

World Class Training, Support, Installation or CRM integration

Salesforce is the Premier Customer Relationship Management Tool on the market. Get Started Now!