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Fast Track Salesforce System Administration


This is a Fast Track option for new System Admins to learn the same material as the 5-day System Administration course and be prepared to take the System Administration certication exam. The dates and times of the 6 two-hour sessions are designed to accommodate as many time zones as possible. Students do the hands-on exercises on their own. The curriculum is the same as the 5-day course, with the only difference being that the hands-on exercises are done by the students on their own. Scroll down for more details about this course. We will email you a Zoom link and password for this training. Students receive the course slide material, all the hands-on exercises, and a roadmap to getting certified. This course is taught by Jeff Susich, a senior consultant and trainer that has taught this course many times, and who has assisted thousands of students in preparing for the System Admin certification exam.

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Course Description: Salesforce® Fast Track System Administration

This course will teach the full System Administration content in 6 two-hour sessions, with hands-on exercises that the student will cover at their own pace. Students get the same content presented in the 5-day course, but presented in 6 two-hour sessions. The same hands-on exercises are done, but instead of being done during the live sessions, the student does the exercises on their own. The standard System Administration course takes 5 days, because the hands-on exercises are done during the class. This course has the students doing the same exercises as the 5-day course, but on their own. This course is designed for new Salesforce® systems administrators, and is an alternative to the Administration Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience (ADX201) course offered by Salesforce, and my own five-day System Administration course. This course allows students to fast track their skills to the next level and prepares students to study for the System Administrator Certification Exam. The course includes a roadmap document to getting certified that I have given to many students, and I assist students in preparing for the exam. I have an online, live, one-hour review session one week after the class, and another two weeks after, to help students prepare for the certification exam.

Training Materials

All students will receive comprehensive courseware.

Training Outline

  • Salesforce Terminology
  • Navigating in Salesforce®
    • Logging in
    • Using search
    • Configuring personal settings
    • Understanding apps and tabs
    • Personalization options
  • Understand and Configure Global Settings
    • Company Information
    • UI
    • Calendar
    • Setting up activities
  • Setting Up New Users
    • Managing users
    • Managing licenses
    • Understanding login security
    • Troubleshooting login issues
  • Security and Data Access
    • Profiles and OWD
    • Permission Sets
    • Role Hierarchy
    • Sharing Rules
    • Teams
    • Managing field level security
    • Design and configure a data access model
  • Standard and Custom Object Customizations
    • Using Schema Builder
    • Customize standard objects and standard fields
    • Creating custom objects and custom fields
    • Creating formula fields
    • Page layouts
    • Record types
    • Business processes
    • Design and configure a business scenario
  • Maintaining Data Integrity
    • Required fields – page layout
    • Required fields – universally required
    • Matching and duplicate rules
    • Validation rules
    • History tracking
  • Data importing, exporting, deleting
    • Import using the data import wizard
    • Import using
    • Exporting
    • Deleting
  • Reports and Dashboards
    • Folders and security
    • Create reports using standard report types
    • Create reports using custom report types
    • Scheduling reports and dashboards
    • Create dashboards
  • Emailing from Salesforce®
    • Sending emails with tracking code
    • Emailing from list views
    • Mass emailing
  • Automation
    • Quick Actions
    • Process Builder
    • Flow
  • Object Relationships
    • Recognizing the need to create a custom object
    • Lookup or master-detail
    • Rollup summary fields
  • Support Processes
    • Queues
    • Assignment Rules
    • Auto-Response Rules
    • Escalation Rules
    • Web to Case
    • Email to Case
    • Support Settings
  • Using the AppExchange
    • Using the AppExchange
    • How to assess apps
    • Unmanaged and Managed Apps
  • Know When to Code
    • Understanding declarative limits
    • Evaluating customization priorities
    • Typical coding scenarios
  • System Administrator Certification Discussion
    • Requirements
    • Exam study Resources
    • Preparation – Two Online live question/answer/demo sessions


If you have any questions about this Salesforce® training course, feel free to email us or call us at 513-218-7180.