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Salesforce Advanced Admin/Platform App Builder


Choose the dates that you want to attend this online course. This is a 5 day course. The first 4 days are going thru the curriculum and doing hands-on exercises in a developer Org with the latest release. The final day the students create a Final Project in their Org that requires using what they have learned. This has proven to be the most popular, and most effective, learning tool in this course. We will also have an online session two weeks after the class that allows students to ask any questions on any Salesforce topic that they want additional help to understand. Scroll down for more details about this course.  This course is taught by Jeff Susich, a senior consultant and trainer that has taught hundreds of Salesforce classes, including the ADM/ADX 201, 211, and 403 courses.


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Course Description: Salesforce® Advanced Admin/Platform App Builder

Training Overview

This advanced Salesforce® training course teaches experienced admins the essential advanced System Administrator skills and Platform App Builder skills necessary to prepare for both the Advanced System Administrator and Platform App Builder certification exams. Students will learn the Salesforce structure, data model, object schema, sharing model, Lightning apps, using sandboxes, data integrity tools, importing/exporting data, advanced reporting, automation, troubleshooting, debugging, using AppExchange apps, and knowing when to code. This course is a hands-on course with exercises done in a developer Org. The first four days are covering the material and doing hands-on exercises. The last day is doing a final project, in which the students have to create the customizations on their own. This has proven to be the favorite part of this course for students. In addition, we talk about certification, and a certification study plan is given to all students.


All students should have the Salesforce® System Administrator certification, or equivalent experience.

Training Materials

All students will receive comprehensive courseware.

Training Outline

  • Introduction
  • Salesforce Structure
      • Delivery Model
      • Releases
    • Interaction Model
  • Data Model
    • Object Schema
    • Object Relationships
    • Standard and Custom Objects
    • Standard and Custom Fields
    • Recognizing the need to create a custom object
    • Lookup or master-detail
    • Junction Objects
    • Rollup summary fields
  • Sharing Model
    • Profile and Permissions
    • OWD
    • Record Access
    • Field Level Security
  • User Interface
    • Apps
    • Tabs
    • Page Layouts
    • Record Types
    • Lightning Pages
    • Compact Layouts
  • Sandboxes
    • Types
    • Data Templates
    • Structure
    • Change Sets
  • Data Integrity
    • Validation Rules
    • Required Fields
    • History Tracking
  • Importing/Exporting Data
    • Data Import Wizard
  • Advanced Reporting
    • Custom Report Types
    • Custom Summary Formulas
    • Bucket Fields
  • Automation
    • Execution Order
    • Approval Processes
    • Assignment Rules
    • Email to Case
    • Web to Lead
    • Flow
    • Advanced Flow
    • Converting Workflow and Processes to Flow
  • Troubleshooting
    • Setup Audit Trail
    • Debug in the Flow console
    • Debug Logs
  • AppExchange
    • Using the AppExchange
    • How to assess apps
    • Unmanaged and Managed Apps
  • Know When to Code
    • Understanding declarative limits
    • Evaluate customization priorities
    • Typical coding scenarios
  • Final Project – Students create the customizations on their own given business requirements. Discussion afterward.
  • Advanced System Admin and Platform App Builder Certification Discussion
    • Requirements
    • Exam study Resources
    • Preparation


If you have any questions about this Salesforce® training course, feel free to email us or call us at 513-218-7180.

Class Dates

Mar 18-22 2024 9:00 – 5:00 EST