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By Popular Demand- Flow Boot Camp

I have been teaching the two-day, 10-hour Flow Academy and Flow Advanced Academy for almost 3 years. I have had hundreds of students, and a common feedback of my students has been to combine the courses, and create a comprehensive Flow course. Additionally, the students have requested that the curriculum include them being given business requirements, and then having to build the Flow during class. This required combining the classes. This is an alternative to the Salesforce ADX-301 Flow course.

My experience teaching Flow is that the best learning format is to separate the full days of training with off days. The format is Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 8 hours with a lunch break. A homework assignment will be given on Monday and Wednesday, and the solutions reviewed and discussed on Tuesday and Thursday.

The part of the curriculum I really like is that on Friday, we do some review of the Thursday homework, and then the rest of the day is spent with the students being given typical business requirements, and then building the Flows during class. We then review the solutions and discuss. I taught the ADX-201 System Admin Salesforce class many times, and the favorite part of the class was the last day, in which the students were given business requirements and had to build the solution. It’s a great learning experience.

So come and get really good with Flow in one week!