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Winter ’20 Release – The Things Worth Waiting For

I have my test Org of the Winter ’20 release, and there are some new functions that one sees and says “What? That’s not in there already?”

So let’s go thru them.

  • Lightning now has the Recycle Bin. No more switching back to that dirty old (and wonderful) Classic interface. Note: This was not visible in my test Winter ’20 Org. 
  • Printable List Views. Granted, a lot of people have never used this. But when you have to provide some quick record info to someone without a user license, it’s handy.
  • Schedule Flows. Have you ever wanted an option to execute a Flow not when a record was created, not when a record was edited, and not when a record was edited with ‘specified changes made to the record’, but on a SCHEDULE? That’s what we got. No more setting yourself a Task for 2:00 a.m. to edit a record that fires the Flow.

  • Permission Set Groups. If you use Permission Sets (and if you don’t, I bet you have a lot of custom Profiles) we can now create groupings of Permission Sets. Very useful.

  • Remove a File from a Record, without deleting it everywhere. Want to remove a file from a record but not delete it from the Org? Now you can! It used to be that a file owner could delete a file from the Files home or a record, but it removed it from all records and posts where it was attached. Now a File can be removed from a record.

  • This might be the biggie. We now get Row-Level Formulas in Reports. With row-level formulas, we don’t have to export reports to a spreadsheet to then create formulas. Instead, you can write the formula directly in the report builder. You can filter and group on these, sort by them, and even reference them in custom summary formulas. And, dashboard components like charts and gauges now support them.

  • Add a Signature to Email Templates With the new {{{Sender.Signature}}} merge field, email template creators can include a sender’s existing signature in an email template. The field is available wherever the merge field picker exists, including in emails, list emails, and enhanced letterheads. Users set up their signature in My Email Settings.


  • Add Inline Images to Emails in a Flash Now it’s faster to add images to emails. Copy and paste images from the internet and from other applications directly into the email composer without saving the image first

So this release has some very good feature adds. I’ve not covered all of them here, just the ones that I’ll be using all the time.