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A Great free App to Try

I’m always on the hunt for useful free apps. Finding one is like finding that great bottle of wine for $15 – you feel like you found hidden treasure. This past week I had the need to create a Rollup Summary field that was going to identify the most recent date on a set of Assets. Doesn’t sound too bad, but the data I needed access to you cannot get to in the regular way. It’s just not there.

So off I went and found a great free App that puts some real order and capability into creating and using Rollup Summary fields. It’s called “Rollup Helper”. It makes creating Rollup Summary fields fast and easy, gets access to data that you cannot get to otherwise, and even allows you to schedule up to 3 models to run on a regular basis, for those situations in which you need data refreshed.

So try this App out. And then go find the great bottle of wine for $15.