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A Nice Texting App

We have been searching for a simple, affordable texting App integrated with salesforce.com, that would support easy texting. We have been testing one called Phone Tools, by Proven Works. We like it.

This solves the business problem of wanting to text someone, or call them from your mobile, and you have to leave salesforce.com, pick up the mobile, and use the mobile phone. No more of that. Texts and Calls are made from YOUR mobile by clicking on the icons on the Lead or Contact page. Very nice.

Here is what it does. You register your mobile phone with the App so that texts and calls come from your mobile. The App adds images to Text or Call next to any phone or mobile numbers on Leads and Contacts. Then you simply click on the number you want to call or text, and it does so from your mobile.

It’s $5/user per month, and we’re finding it worth it.