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Great new Features in Spring ’14 Release

The Spring ’14 release is soon upon us. Usually the summer release has the most goodies, but this release has a couple things that are really looking to be useful.

  • Synced Files – Many of us use other apps to track document versions. The typical scenario is a Word or Excel doc that multiple people are working on, so one must keep control of versions. To address that, there are several good apps on the AppExchange. But now we are getting Synced Files. We will be able to download an app right from salesforce, and we then create a folder for synced files on our machine. Changes to the files in this folder are automatically synced with the master file in salesforce.  Yes, this might be magical.
  • We are getting a new standard object called “Orders”. This is being designed to bridge the gap between sales and support. This object will also serve as the integration point to connect front-office and back-office systems with salesforce. So what does this mean for Assets? For now, nothing, but I’m seeing a future consolidation coming in this area. If i was Mr. Asset, I’d be reviewing my options, if you know what I mean.

There are more features in this release, but these two look to be very interesting.