New Lightning User Interface is Coming!! | Wycado Consulting - Salesforce Experts New Lightning User Interface is Coming!!

Unless you have been vacationing in a cave, desert, or other such place with no Internet access, you are aware of the rather unusual way that has announced that a completely new user experience is coming. They announced it BEFORE Dreamforce.

Why would that be? I think it’s because this is seismic change. For those of us that attended the announcement event, this is the biggest change to ever come to salesforce. Everything you look at will change. Now, it will take some time for this to occur, and in the meantime, users will be able to toggle between the user interface we know and mostly love, and the new Lightning experience.

Initially it will only impact the sales cloud, but eventually this new interface will be the way a user interacts with Everyone will have an opportunity to see what this looks like in the upcoming Winter ’16 release, scheduled for October.

To see proof that this is an initial effort with much much more development will occur, read the list of things that are not currently supported by Lightning Here.