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Summer ’14 Release is on the Way!!!

Well, we System Admins are all getting the emailed warnings about the new release coming soon. But it’s good news.

Summer ’14 is packed with good stuff. I read all 325 pages of the Release Notes, thereby resolving my self-loathing issues, at least temporarily.

So here are some of the things I see coming that are the highlights.

  1. Activity Due Date and Type Fields available in Formulas – This means the we can now create Validation rules based on the due date of an event or task!! A sales managers dream!!
  2. Salesforce Files Sync – this is now generally available. Basically you designate a folder on your machine to be the one to contain files that     you want to sync with, and it happens. This can be tremendously useful for proposals and other docs that have multiple       users.
  3. Keep favorite Report folders in view – Navigating to the report you want is a pain when you have many folders. Now users can pin their         most-used reports and dashboard folders to the top of the folder list so you don’t have to scroll down.
  4. Analytics Dashboards API – for developers, this means that the REST-based API will allow integration of dashboard data into any web or     mobile app, inside or outside the salesforce platform.
  5. End of support for Blackberry mobile apps – I lament the downfall of Blackberry. How many of you remember the first Blackberry you had, and how magical it was?

So lots of good stuff on the way. In the words of the recently late and great Casey Kasem, “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.”