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The “Secret” new formulas in Spring ’18 Release

Well, I’m calling these ‘secret’ because they are not mentioned in the Release Notes, but these are very useful. I’ve been writing questions for the Release Exams, so I’m very familiar with the Release Notes, and these new formulas are not mentioned. Thus, ‘Secret’.

So here we go.

1. MFLOOR and MCEILING – we had the ROUND function, but you could not force Salesforce to round up or down; but now we can, with these new formulas. MCEILING will round up, and MFLOOR will round down to the
nearest whole number

2. WEEKDAY – this has always been difficult. How many Orgs have this formula somewhere in your Org?
MOD( DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) – DATE(1900, 1, 7), 7),
0, “Sunday”,
1, “Monday”,
2, “Tuesday”,
3, “Wednesday”,
4, “Thursday”,
5, “Friday”,
6, “Saturday”,

But now, we just use WEEKDAY(Date Field) and returns the number of the day of the week for you!
1 = Sunday
2 = Monday
3 = Tuesday
4 = Wednesday
5 = Thursday
6 = Friday
7 = Saturday

3. ADDMONTHS – I saved the best for last. How many of you had had to figure out how to add a number of months to a date field? It’s about half a page of formula. It’s because of the complication of Leap Years. But now it’s simple.

ADDMONTHS(Date Field, 2) adds two months to the Date Field. It’s magically easy!!

So these were some of the great new formulas that we got in Spring ’18!!