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Top Apps from Dreamforce

One of the things that always looks forward to at Dreamforce is finding out which Apps that other users have found useful. There are now over 1800 Apps on the AppExchange, and many of them are free.

So without further ado, here are the ones that we think worth mentioning.

Geopointe – there once was a magical free App called “Find Nearby”. What did it do? You picked a Lead, Contact, or Account, and it would use Google map info to locate every other Lead, Contact, or Account within whatever mile radius you wished, and then give you driving directions. Unfortunately, Google is a money machine now, and cut the number of times one can access their mapping API for free each day. But Geopointe, though a paid App, does everything “Find Nearby” did, and more.

High Five – a free App that adds custom fields to your Account page to give rollup summaries of “Last Win Date” , “# of Opportunities” on the Account total, win percentage, and total Opportunity revenue amount.

Conga Composer – the pre-eminent document generator, report creator, and more. Additionally, stellar customer service. Paid App, but worth it if you need this capability.

Field Check – a free App that shows you usage percentages of all your fields. Think you have a bunch that you don’t need? This will tell you.

Dupecatcher – a free App that makes merging records in salesforce much easier. Let’s be real – the native merging in is positively archaic.